The genesis

“Books allowed me to build, to learn and to have fun"
Bertrand LARUT

It all began in a mobile library...

Bertrand Larut was 6 years old, the youngest of 9 siblings, raised by a mother who did her best to feed the happy troop. Books were a luxury to which he did not have access. Until the day when he pushed open the door of a mobile library parked at the bottom of his residential tower, in Avignon…

It was a total revelation for him: he had the right to borrow 2 books each week for free.

This was a godsend that he used without moderation and which will allowed him to pursue higher education and become an Arts & Careers Engineer.

What came next ?

After having practiced his profession within the financial sectors of large groups, it’s at the age of 50 that came the hour of questioning for Bertrand. Something was growing more obvious for him: he wished to devote his time and his knowledge to the service of a universal cause: books, a source of freedom, of imagination, of knowledge but also of sharing, allowed him to become what he is today. 

So then began the conception of a project that would put children and reading at its center. All children, all over the world.

The concept of Omnis Liber was born!

"Books saved me. Now it's our turn to turn books into a fountain of joy that will fill the hearts of young ones all around the world”
Bertrand LARUT

Providing books to the children of the world.