Our dream

The dream is simple:

Provide access to books to all the children of the world.

This requires the specification of two termes:

  • “the children”: from 2 to 18 years old, whoever they are, with their differences and possible handicaps (sight, hearing, etc.)
  • “The world” : with all its differences and cultural and linguistic specificities.

Our values

Omnis Liber gives special importance to the inclusion of all children of the world, be they visually impaired, hearing impaired, mentally impaired or dyslexic. We are committed to bring them services adapted to their specificities.


Learning imagination

Reading allows children to learn while developing their imagination and creativity




Books must be accessible to children in their language, in their country to allow the development of a network of local actors (publishers, writers, logistics, etc.)



The project is based on the traceability of exchanges and actions.


Providing books to the children of the world.