Omnis Liber



We know that education is a universal right.

However, the precarious and difficult context in many countries does not allow all children to fully enjoy their rights.

However, it is at the level of childhood that “everything is played out” in terms of learning to read and write.

Poverty, conflicts, corruption lead to a lack of educational infrastructure, transport to connect the home to school, internet access, computer equipment, textbooks and paper books.

SHORT TERM (2020 – 2021)

Launch of pre-project work

Completed on 03/01/2020 – Structure, organization

Partnership with Nokenchain, a specialized Blockchain start-up

Completed on 06/01/2020 – Platform

Pre-project work: description of the stages of the project

Completed on 03/01/2020 – Structure, organization

Creation of the Omnis Liber association

Completed on 10/26/2020 – Structure, organization

The first volunteers join the project

Completed on 01/11/2020 – Community

Communication plan and charter graphic definition

Completed on 01/12/2020 – Platform

Creation of the “ThinkTank” Omnis Liber, first letter
information to 120 supporters

Completed on 01/12/2020 – Community

Collection of first-time donors

Completed on 01/03/2021 – Funding

Alpha version of the website

Completed on 15/01/2021 – Platform

Beta version of the site

Completed on 15/04/2021 – Platform

Separation of funding methods (donations or sale of digital tokens) in 2 distinct legal structures

Completed on 20/01/2021 – Structure, organization

Search for an incubator

Completed on 08/07/2021 – Structure, organization

Milestone of 150,000 € reached

Completed on 01/09/2021 – Funding

The blueprint for the information system is elaborated

Completed on 31/12/2021 – Platform


Completed on 31/12/2021 – Platform

Recruitment of 1 employee (communication)

Completed on 01/09/2021 – Structure, organization

MID TERM (2022 – 2024)

Information system : UX design development is launched

In progress on 01/02/2022 – Platform

Recruitment of 1 employee (sales)

Completed on 01/02/2022 – Structure, organization

Liber-T investors join Omnis Liber

In progress – Community

500 new children per month have access to reading

In progress – Community

Votes within Omnis liber open to first-time investors

In progress – Structure, organization

Purchase and sale of token accessible to the general public

In progress – Funding

Milestone of 5,000,000 € reached

In progress – Funding

Deployment of new projects in the rest of the world

In progres – Platform

The Omnis liber eco-system becomes functional

In progres – Platform

5,000 new children per month have access to reading

In progress – Community

Association Omnis Liber becomes Foundation

In progress – Structure, organization

LONG TERM (2025 – 2030)

Deployment of the ecosystem throughout the world

In progres – Platform

10,000 new children per month have access to reading

In progress – Community

€ 151,000 collected at project initiation

Structure, Organization
15 active and volunteer members

work on the deployment of projects

Omnis Liber

The Beta version is functional!

50 benefactors joined the adventure

In progress
Omnis Liber’s software developments are launched

Do you want to help us move forward?